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New Orleans permanent makeup, microblading, microshading, tattoos, and more! What else can you even ask for? Let's get that spot on look 100% of the time going for you and looking exactly how you want all day every day now!

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Microblading New Orleans LA

Welcome and hello! We are so excited to have you here today to learn about our company and all the things we have to offer and the goals and values we have set in mind for us and you!

Are you tired of running late in the morning because of doing your makeup and just not feeling ready to go in the morning? Well, we can solve that problem for you permanently by you receiving our services!

Just some services we provide to be able to help you in this situation are:

  • Microblading eyebrows
  • Microshading eyebrows
  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Permanent eyeshadow
  • Tattoo eyebrows
  • Permanent blush and foundation look

We can touch anything you want and make you look ready for the day at any time of the day! Can’t beat that!

About Microblading New Orleans

We find it very important to keep our customers happy and feeling comfortable. We like sitting down with them to see what it is they are exactly imaging so we can make sure we can capture the look that they are envisioning. We give you a free estimate so then you know what you are looking at as the amount before you come in.

We like keeping our employees always up to date on anything new that may be going on in the company so then they know what to do that is best for our clients and to be able to know how to handle any and every single situation they may encounter with our customers.

Our products and services are by far the most popular in our city. We can provide exactly what our customers are needing and looking for. We have been told by many of our customers that they love the way we do things and that they love the environment we provide for them.

They find that they can have their goals achieved by us and that we can fulfill exactly what they are wanting to be done for them and their new look.

Why Choose Microblading New Orleans

Customers have chosen us time and time again over other companies because of the work we do and the end results. They love what they see! They love that we take their appointment seriously and that we make sure we are doing the art that they are wanting.

This is permanent and semi-permanent services that we provide and it is a big deal especially since it is enhancing the beauty that our customers are shooting for so it is very important that we reach those goals for them and not mess it up.

Just somethings that are important about our company are:

  • We only have trained professional employees
  • We update our products when a new and improved version has come out
  • We give free estimates
  • We have been around for years and our customers love the service we provide
  • We are organized
  • We have specific step by step processes for everything so that things don’t get messed up
  • We like making things clean and sanitized each time a new client is up next
  • We keep a good and upbeat environment

Like we just said, call us for a free estimate at any time and let us book you an appointment to get something done to make you feel more confident and happy with your look! We can get you in whenever your best available time is.

What to Expect from Microblading New Orleans

Our products are kept and held to a very high standard. We don’t let anything get out of the times and we just keep everything clean and up to date.

We expect our employees to know how to use any of the tools and equipment that we have and if it is new to all of us we take the time to educate ourselves on it so then we actually know what we are doing and so we can make sure our customers are receiving the best service possible from us with no fail.

The service we hold for our employees is kept high as well. We don’t expect anything less than100% from them at all times. We don’t like receiving complaints from our customers because of our employees' service. If you can’t do your job then we don’t keep them. That is just how it is. We expect our customers to receive the best at all times and to get exactly what they are asking for.

We find it important and a huge key to our work to pay attention very closely to what our customers are asking us to do for them. We want to shoot for exceeding their expectations because we want them to leave happy and knowing they made the right choice by coming to us.

When it comes to receiving our service it is a super simple process that is done. First, you will call us and we will note down what you are wanting to be done for your appointment. We will give you the first estimated cost of the appointment. We will also answer any further questions that you may have for us.

When you come in we will be finishing up with our other client. We then will be cleaning up the station that you will be located at so that everything is ready to go for you and that you will be able to be comfortable since the appointments do usually last a couple of hours long.

We will talk to you about what you are wanting, depending on who you are and what you are wanting we may recommend something else and if you want it then great, but if not that is no problem at all.

Sometimes our clients come in for one thing but from our professional eye, we will recommend something else and our customers that have done what we recommend never leave unhappy. They are always so happy with the results.

We then will check you out at the front and may set up another follow up appointment for you because in some cases it does call for another scheduled appointment just because somethings take 2 appointments to land to the final result.

Services Microblading New Orleans Provides

new orleans microblading services

Microblading Eyebrows New Orleans

Microblading is a fairly basic and simple process to understand. Microblading eyebrows are when a professional has a tool that fits in their hand and the tool holds a pigment the color of your eyebrows you want.

Once they start using it, they do short strokes that leave little scratches in your eyebrow to give off the illusion of real eyebrows and give them a fuller and sharper look to them! Just look up “microblading near me” and you can receive our services that fast!

new orleans permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup New Orleans

Permanent makeup means all kinds of things. We can give you permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrows, permanent pigment on your eyelids, and anywhere on your face in general! This can be done to where it looks like you have eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, foundation, or whatever you want at all times! It can help those of you that have uneven skin to always have it be even.

Look up permanent makeup near me, and you will find our company and we can schedule you and get you in for your appointment.

new orleans eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos New Orleans

Permanent eyebrow tattoos are a big deal! That will give you the look of the eyebrows you want 100% of the time with no fail and you don’t even need to tough it up. Looking up eyebrow tattoos near me and you will be able to receive our help by calling us. Tattoo brows are literally like any other tattoo you get on your body, so if you have already gotten a tattoo, you know what you’re looking at.

new orleans permanent makeup

Microshading New Orleans

Microshading is no joke! It fills in your thin eyebrows with just a bunch of little dot scratches! It is just like microblading, but dots instead of short strokes! This is also a very natural look that many love! Microshading eyebrows have made customers super happy and they love coming in for their touch-ups!

Customer Reviews

I looked up, “Best Microblading in New Orleans”, and Microblading eyebrows New Orleans LA popped up! I looked up microblading eyebrows near me to see how close they were and they weren’t far at all! I went in and got my eyebrows microbladed and I am so in love with them! Thank you!

Shawndee M.

New Orleans Microblading ended being such an awesome company for me to go to! I got an eyelash enhancement and they look so wonderful and beautiful! Thanks for your great work and awesome customer service! I highly recommend New Orleans Microblading!

Elise R.

I looked up my eyebrows near me and found Microblading New Orleans! I was so excited when I called to set up my appointment. I ended up getting an eyebrow tattoo so that I could have a permanent look all the time and never have to worry about touching them up. I am loving my new look and love how sharp they are! Thank you!

Emma M.

About New Orleans LA

New Orleans is a city in Louisiana on the Mississippi River. It is super close to the Gulf of Mexico. The New Orleans nickname is “Big Easy”. Reason is is that they are very popular for their nightlife, music, food, and just everything is super spicy about New Orleans! New Orleans is really known for its Mardi Gras that it does every single year.

New Orleans unemployment rate is 12.8%. The population is 391,006. The cities and towns surrounding New Orleans are:

  • Lafayette, LA
  • New Iberia, LA
  • Natchitoches, LA
  • Natchez, MS
  • Eunice, LA
  • Ponchatoula, LA
  • ST. Francisville, LA
  • Washington, LA
  • Many other areas!

Questions and Answers!

How long does microblading last?

Eyebrow blading lasts from anywhere from 18 to 36 months! It lasts for quite a while, but it just depends on how well your skin holds the pigment put in it.

How much is microblading?

Microblading cost anywhere from $175.00 to $625.00. It ends up averaging out to about $450.00. But it depends on how much you are needing and wanting to be done to your eyebrows. Give us a call and we can figure out your situation together.

What is microblading?

Microblading brows is where you use a handheld tool that holds the color you are wanting for your eyebrow and do short scratches in strokes on your eyebrow area and forms a nice full look. They look so natural, it is a very popular way that people go.

Does microshading your eyebrows look natural?

Yes it does look very natural and real!

Are microshading and microblading permanent?

It is semi-permanent so it lasts for a long time, but you do have to touch them up every once in a while.

How long do microshaded eyebrows last?

They last a minimum 18 months and max about 30 or 36 months.

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Permanent makeup New Orleans is what we do best along with microblading , microshading, and tattooing your eyebrows! We are a very high ranked company that can give you exactly what you are needing and wanting!

Give us a chance today and give us a call today at Microblading New Orleans! We will give you your free estimate and set up your appointment for your best convenience! Let's make your dream become a reality!


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